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2017 KVBR Award Winners

David Darby 2017 REALTOR® of the Year 

In keeping with the spirit of “REALTOR® of the Year,” REALTOR® Members considered for the ROY Award must have served as a KVBR officer, director, and committee chair and/or committee member during the previous calendar year and/or during the current year.


Sarah Beavers, 2017 Rising Star of the Year

The Rising Star Award honors a newly active KVBR member who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to the success of the Association’s programs, projects, and goals. The Criteria for the Rising Star is the nominee must be a current KVBR REALTOR® member, newcomer to the committee and activity scene, and someone who demonstrates unusual enthusiasm in the Association and its programs by attendance and participation.

Andrea Winter, 2017 Chairperson of the Year

The Chairperson of the Year Award honors a Chairperson of one of KVBR’s Committees who has demonstrated leadership and commitment to the fulfillment of his/her committee’s mission. The Criteria for the Chairperson of the Year is the nominee must be a current KVBR REALTOR® member, successful in focusing on objectives of the Association’s goals for the year, conduct his/her committee meetings in a professional manner, and show traits of a future decision maker of the Association.

Sandy Campbell 2017 Hart Award

The Hart Award honors an elected or appointed individual who demonstrates great compassion in helping others.

John Asseff, 2017 Affiliate of the Year

The Affiliate of the Year Award honors an individual Affiliate member who has consistently offered support to guarantee the success of KVBR programs, projects and goals. The Criteria for the Affiliate of the Year is the nominee must be a current KVBR Affiliate member, has contributed outstanding service and time on behalf of the Association during the current year, and has demonstrated a commitment and/or made exemplary contribution through voluntary work in areas of leadership.