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SPECIAL NOTE:  The committee purposes stated are general Specific duties may be required of each committee based upon the Strategic Plan as adopted by the Association and upon review by the Board of Director.


The purpose of this Committee is to make periodic reviews of the Board’s Bylaws and Board Policies and make recommended amendments.  All changes are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.  This Committee is responsible for directing the notification to the membership of the structuring of Bylaws approval meetings, and the monitoring of the voting process.

2018 Bylaws Committee
James Porter, Chair
Jason Cavender, Vice Chair
Jane Beattie-Shepherd
Pam Hylbert
Rich Naseef
Anthony Runyan


This Committee is responsible for the coordination of all educational activities of the Board.  The Chairman shall work directly with the President and the Board of Directors as well as the Executive Officer, in the development of special seminars or any other matters which pertain to the education al needs of the Board, and shall submit by February of each year, in writing, the dates and nature of any proposed seminars or educational programs for the coming year.  The Education Committee will be responsible for the Board’s Indoctrination Course.  The objective is to ensure all members are provided quality education including required C.E.

2018 Education Committee
Andrea Winter, Chair
Scott Jones, Vice Chair
John Asseff
Sarah Beavers
B. Yvonne Black
Russ Bonasso
Elena Moffatt
Tammy Moore
K. David Rollins
Lynn Ugland


The Forms Committee will be composed of a variety of members, including brokers, agents and member(s) of the MLS Committee.  These members will be appointed by the Board of Directors.  Duties will be to review all forms and suggest improvements.  These revisions will be presented to the KVBR Board of Directors for approval, then forwarded to the KVBR Attorney for review.  They will then go back to the KVBR for final implementation.

2018 Forms Committee
Jason Cavender, Chair
Anthony Runyan, Vice Chair
B. Yvonne Black
Teri Carmack
Christina Hudson
Mark Madore


The overall purpose of this Committee is to Develop and implement programs which assist the Association to promote the advantages of REALTOR® membership and provides annual membership drives.  The following committees are included in this Committee: Affiliate, Public Relations, Risk Reduction, Social/Events

2018 Membership & Board Services Committee
Ben Adkins, Chair
Gwen Samms, Vice Chair
John Asseff
Morgan Griffis
Jarrod Johnson
Paige Mimms
K. David Rollins
Barbara Ann Selman
Robin Walker
Traci Thomas Wells


The operation of the Multiple Listing Service shall be supervised by the Multiple Listing Committee subject to the approval and authority of the Board of Directors of the Board of REALTORS®.  In adopting, deleting or amending any Rules and Regulations or Policy statements of the Multiple Listing Service, the Board shall give due consideration to the wishes and recommendations of the active Participants in the Multiple Listing Service.

2018 MLS Committee
Penny Skaff, Chair
Jason Cavender, Vice Chair
Craig Allison
Teri Carmack
Whitney Darby
Josh McGrath
K. David Rollins
Gwen Samms
Rob Thomas
Andrea Winter


Morgan Griffis, Chair
Jarrod Johnson
Michelle Loehr
Gwen Samms
Paige Mimms
Barbara Ann Selman


The Strategic Plan will be included in the Director’s Orientation each year.  The President Elect will automatically be appointed to the committee.  The Board of Directors shall review the Plan’s progress and receive a report by the Strategic Planning Committee at the Board’s June meeting.

2018 Strategic Planning Committee
Angela Mayfield, Chair
Steve Allen
David Darby
James Porter
Penny Skaff
Andrea Winter


The overall purpose of this Task Force is to oversee the website, research and recommend technical services for approval, subject to the approval and authority of the Board of Directors of the Board of REALTORS®

2018 Technology Committee
Sarah Beavers, Chair
Drue Smith, Vice Chair
John Asseff
Jarrod Johnson
Patrick Lyons
Mario Mendez