REALTOR® of the year – Jarrod Johnson

  • REALTOR® of the year in keeping with the spirit of “REALTOR® of the Year,” REALTOR® Members considered for the ROY Award must have served as a KVBR officer, director, committee chair and/or committee member during the previous calendar year and/or during the current year.


Chairperson of the year – Megan Callaghan Bailey

  • Chairperson of the year honors a Chairman of one of KVBR’s Committees who has demonstrated leadership and commitment to the fulfillment of his/her committee’s mission.


Affiliate of the year – Lori Harless:

  • Affiliate of the year honors an individual Affiliate member who has consistently offered support to guarantee the success of KVBR programs, projects, and goals.


Rising Star- Heather Conner Highley

  • Rising Star honors a newly active KVBR member who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to the success of the Association’s programs, projects, and goals. 


Hart Award – Leslie Dorsey Bonham

  • Hart Award honors an elected or appointed individual who demonstrates great compassion in helping others.